Mission Statement

  • Providing access to justice for vulnerable and marginalized groups and advocacy for the promotion of human rights

When you start off, there’s something inside you telling you to do it. And it comes because you have a heart and an eye and the courage to stand up against those forces – and there are plenty of them, believe me – that do not wish to see people free. Human rights, it’s not a job, it’s a conviction. I have used the law as an instrument, and I’ve used the courts, but I have been on the streets, as well. I’ve been in protest marches. I have been to prison. I’ve been under house arrest. So, for each issue and for each incident, there has to be a thought-out strategy. Justice is a rare commodity in our part of the world. Very rare. But sometimes even shouting for justice gives you some satisfaction that you’re being heard. And you must be heard. You knock, and you knock, and you knock, and you knock, and you knock, and one day they are going to hear.

– Asma Jahangir –

Aims and Objectives

  • Providing access to justice through free legal representation for marginalized and persecuted groups in Pakistan. This includes women seeking divorce and child custody, women and child prisoners, bonded labourers, landless farmers, religious minorities suffering persecution, and women and children who become victims of violent crimes.

  • Building a stronger constituency of activists, mainly women, through paralegal training programmes across Pakistan.

  • Challenging discrimination, violence and threats against vulnerable people in Pakistan through legal action and campaigning, and through training and the dissemination of legal literacy.

  • Ending impunity for perpetrators of human rights violations in Pakistan through media campaigns, fact-finding missions and reporting systems to national and international bodies.

  • Reforming laws and policies in Pakistan through the use of court interventions, research and partnerships from the grassroots level to policy makers.

  • Promoting democratic values and peace initiatives in South Asian countries through exchanges of people and advocacy.